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About Home Raised Boston Terriers
We have been raising a varity of different dog breeds for the past 30 years and now we specialize in Boston Terriers. ​Our dogs are treated and well respected like family members. We purchased our first Boston Terrier in 2011 and now we own 3 females that have excellent mothering skills and pedigree. They have provided us with so much joy and happiness that we love to pass on to others. It is always a joy to bring a new llitter of pups into the world. We enjoy sharing our passion for the breed with other people by producing quality pups that are home raised in a loving caring environment. We are located in Lorton, Virginia and are available 7 days a week. Contact us anytime with questions or inquiries.  
Everyday is a playday when a
Boston Terrier is involved.    Our pups are home raised with tender loving care in the comfort of our kitchen!

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Committed to quality pups that are healthy and
well socialized
The Boston has been nicknamed "the American Gentleman" because of his dapper appearance, characteristically gentle disposition and suitability as companion and house pet. They require only a moderate amount of exercise and a minimum amount of grooming. The breed is easy to train and they are easy keepers, preferring to remain by their owner’s sides.

Bostons are dogs love people and love to be part of the family, and this is why anyone that is considering one of these dogs should make sure that they have the time, dedication, and love to commit to their pet. If you can provide the right environment for these sweet natured dogs, they can make superb pets and fabulous companions that will be devoted, loving, and loyal to the end. 
These dogs are very easy to train, as they are very intelligent and eager to please.

The Boston Terrier has become a very popular dog breed over recent years, well known for its intelligence, gentle nature, and sweet attitude. Today it is one of the most popular breeds amongst families. With the gentle disposition, wonderful nature, and sociable attitude of these dogs it is not surprising that so many families decide that this is the right dog breed for them. Providing you are not away from home for long periods of time, and that you are able to give your dog the attention, activity, training, and love that he needs you should find yourself with a happy, sociable, and entertaining addition to the family. Not only will a well socialized Boston prove to be a great family pet, but he will also become a lifelong friend and a loving companion.

Boston Terriers have short, compact, muscular frames with well-balanced and graceful postures. Their short, wide and flat heads—sized in proportion to their bodies—have square, wrinkle-free muzzles, widely set eyes and big black noses. They have slightly arched necks and broad chests, strong limbs and short tails. Their smooth, fine coats come in brindle and white, seal and white, or black and white.
​They are very easy keepers with low maintainance.  Short hair makes grooming a breeze.
The Boston Terrier Breed in general is an overall healthy  and genetically free of typical dog
health issues.

We are in search for only good and loving homes for our new pups!!

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